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We are happy to announce the release of the python Authentication SDK, for WSO2 Identity server (aka Product IS) which brings up the fast and secure way to add user login to a Python web applications with the help of the WSO2 Identity Server(WSO2 IS).

Currently the Python SDK supports only with the Flask framework and rest of the tutorial will be outlined based on securing a sample Python web Application built with the Flask framework.

The developer can approach the sample application in two ways. They could be able to download the sample app and then build the logic…

VS Code allows developers to install useful packages that’ll make us more productive. In that series, WSO2 IS VS-Code plugin comes very handy in enhancing the experience of the developer. This blog covers

  1. Overview of the Developer Story
  2. Overview of VS-Code Plugin
  3. VS-Code Plugin Capabilities
  4. Installing and trying out the use cases

Only a few short weeks ago we released the very first prerelease for the WSO2 IS plugin for Visual Studio Code. Before you go and try let me explain how this plugin fits into the developer story.

Developer Journey — IAM perspective

Let’s think the developer has some…

let’s say that you have an application running in production. Every once in a time it gets into a broken state, it’s hard to reproduce, you need some more information out of the application.

So are you wondering about the solution?
what you could do is dynamically attach some set of code to your application and carefully rewrite it so that the code dumps additional information you can log or else you can dump the application stage into a text file. Jave is giving us a facility to do this using Java Agent. Have we ever wondered how our Java code…

There have been about 3800 data breaches reported, which is 50% or greater increase over the last four year. Last year organizations spent 89 billion dollars on security and breaches still rose by 44 per cent. Stolen credentials give criminals the key to your data kingdom. Once attackers have your credentials, they penetrate, establish their foothold, escalate their privileges, move laterally in your network and steal your data endpoint. Network security can’t stop these attacks, Only identity security can. But the interesting story is from 89 billion spent on security last year less than 10% went to identity security.


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What is a classification problem?

Classification is an important and central topic in ML which has to do with training machines how to group together data by particular criteria. Classification is the process where computers group data together based on predetermined characteristics — this is called supervised learning. There is an unsupervised version of the classification, called clustering where computers find shared characteristics by which to group data when categories are not specified.

for example :

  1. Email Spam: Your goal is to predict whether an email is spam and should be delivered to the Junk folder. (Spam/ Not Spam) . Text is a simple sequence…

To view an overview of how to install and how to use ballerina and get the guidance follow this link.

It’s a simple system which sends the “Quotes of the day” messages to the gmail and mobile.

System works like that.

  1. The system first fetch the quotes from the Twitter.
  2. It will collect the gmail and mobile number of the subscribers from the spreadsheet.
  3. Then it will send the quotes to the Gmail and Mobile-Number.

you can simply change the system as a data fetching system from the twitter . You have to preprocess the fetched data first. Here processing…

Before moving on to the topic you guys may familiar with the Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Chatbot Ruuh for the messenger. You could feel the realness of human even though it’s a computer program. You may wonder how it is recognizing my text? How is it understanding my emotions? How it identifies particular differences in the word. Let’s learn it simple.

Understanding a language is not an easy task. The process of reading and understanding English is very complex — and that’s not even considering that English doesn’t follow logical and consistent rules. Child essentially learns how the sounds in…

Ballerina is a compiled, type-safe, concurrent programming language targeting micro service development and integration.

It is an open source project initiated in 2015 by the architects of WSO2 as code-based alternative to the configuration-based integration tools such as EAI, ESB, and workflow products.

The Ballerina has various constructs geared toward cloud-native development, including support for modern data formats and protocols, reliability, distributed transactions, APIs, and event streams.

Setting up Ballerina in IntelliJ IDEA

Download the Ballerina distribution below. You can download it for either Mac, Windows or Linux. Installation details are specified clearly.


Installing Ballerina plugin
The first thing to be done is…

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